Reiki is Japanese for 'universal life-force energy' and everyone is capable of working with  Reiki. It is a deep kind of relaxation that enables us to take in more energy than usual. It may be used as a healing energy, not to replace, but to support other treatments. The power of  Reiki is ever present, it does not need ritual. Rituals can however support and accelerate the reiki-powers but only if the practitioner is aware of their use. The hands are used to mediate the energy flow.

In its simplest form, a  Reiki practitioner place his or her hands on the recipient whit the intent of bringing healing. There is a set of basic hand positions that are taught as starting point.

Reiki energy starts to flow and one way or the other it knows where to go, what to do; it manages its own flow to within the recipient. The healer does not conciously intervene. The healer keeps the healing space open and watches for the signs of what to do next.


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